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The Virtual Museum is a new feature of The Pumpkin. It consists of concise descriptions of artifacts in a wide range of fields that are on exhibit, or have in the past been on exhibit, in the Douglas A. Kerr and Carla C. Kerr Collection. It will grow over time as the individual descriptions are brought up to date (editorially) and prepared for publication.

Note that many of these descriptions are "historical". They may, for example, mention that the camera being described is exhibited on such-and-such a tripod, which is then described. Of course today the camera and that tripod have separately gone their ways.

Even in the case of items labeled "Currently on hand", sadly that does not necessarily mean that the item is "on exhibit". Space limitations at the current facility mean that many of these items are packed away. Sic transit gloria mundi.


Kodak Ciné-Kodak Special 16 mm motion picture camera, ca. 1933  Currently on hand.

This is the first Kodak professional 16-mm motion picture camera, made from 1933 through 1948.

Kodak Ciné-Kodak Special II 16 mm motion picture camera, ca. 1948  Currently on hand.

This is the second generation of the Kodak professional 16-mm motion picture camera, made from 1948 through 1961. This specimen was originally the property of a noted newsreel cinematographer and, later, documentary filmmaker.

Kodak Ciné-Kodak Tripod, 1933-1935  Currently on hand.

This is a robust but relatively lightweight professional metal tripod originally introduced in 1933 as a companion to the Ciné-Kodak Special professional 16-mm motion picture camera.

Kodak 10A Century Studio Camera and 1A Semi-Centennial Stand, 1925-1926

This is a large studio view camera (8"×10" format) on a large elevator stand.


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